The Spanish Center for Documentation and Research on Disability (CEDID) is an advisory center of the Royal Board on Disability of the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, dedicated to promoting and disseminating scientific knowledge on disability.


At CEDID we collect and disseminate the most relevant publications on disability and social policy that are produced both nationally and internationally, as well as documents published by international organizations, public administrations and third sector entities.

Our objectives

Promote and disseminate scientific knowledge on disability, provide access to specialized and updated information on disability at a documentary level to entities and individuals interested in this field, and provide technical advice to the Royal Board on Disability in the development and dissemination of its editorial activities, training, research and dissemination.

More than 225,000 publications on disability and social policy

In addition to a complete bibliographic database, on our website you will find a legislative database with more than 38,000 records, a specialized newspaper library with almost 19,000 news and an agenda with workshops, courses, events and conferences on disability updated daily.

Among the activities and services provided by CEDID are: